Serving The Richmond Metropolitan Area since 1991



Vinyl Siding Restoration

Service Description:

  • Siding and trim inspected for cleanliness, damage and any needed repairs.
  • 1 coat of polymer protectant is applied to all vinyl surfaces.
  • A report of any needed repairs to siding and trim, and a quoted price for said repairs, will be provided to you.

Prior to our arrival for service, please make sure that we have water and electrical access and that no obstructions block access to your siding and trim. Make sure all windows are closed and we recommend that screens be removed from windows to allow window sills to be properly treated.

Vinyl restoration not only renews the color of your siding it helps keep it cleaner longer.

The polymer protectant deepens the color closer to the original color and provides protection against water and UV for up to 7 years.

This protectant will also restore any painted surface such as stucco, aluminum siding, and painted fiberboard.