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Christmas Holiday Lights

Service Description:

  • We provide on-site inspection of location to assess electrical supplies, displays you are providing, and determine basic designs for the part of the display we will be installing.
  • We provide labor for installation of holiday lights, either provided by you or you may purchase your light supplies from us. We will supply certain installation components and tools, regardless of whether you supply the lights or not.
  • We will provide labor and supplies to remove and repack displays for storage.
  • We can store your display supplies off-site for your, if desired.
  • Installation DATES are limited so schedule early.

Prior to our arrival for service, please make sure that we have water and electrical access and that no obstructions block access to decorating locations.

Home Requirements & Pricing

On-Demand Time & Material Price: For customers who just need us to provide labor for installing a design they already have, installing part of your display, or for small displays. Minimum installation charge is $532.87 (maximum 4 hours of labor for installation plus the cost of any materials we supply. Additional labor time is billed in 15 minute increments at $37.72 per increment.T&M charge includes time required to obtain materials for your display that we must supply. Separate T&M charge for removal and re-packing, payable when removal and re-packing is performed will be 50% of your installation costs.

Service Agreements - We offer limited Christmas Light installation and removal for all Silver Plus, Gold, and Gold Plus maintenance agreements. Customers with any active service agreement are not subject to minimum charges for On-Demand Light Installation, although standard T&M rates do apply.

Want to buy your own lights? - We recommend using Christmas Light Source or Christmas Lights Etc and select commercial grade lights.

Home we decorated in Goochland County.

We can install all of your display or just the portion you can't do yourself.