Serving The Richmond Metropolitan Area since 1991



Deck Restoration & Staining


Service Description:

  • Deck cleaned, stripped of old stain, and repairs are made to the Deck prior to staining.
    Loose nails are tapped down. Loose boards will be re-attached.
  • Hand rails are sanded as needed.
  • Splash Barriers will be installed on any siding trim, plants, or other surfaces which may receive splash from staining process.
  • Up to 2 coats of the desired stain (with an option of up to 2 colors) is applied to all surfaces of the Deck.
  • Splash barriers are removed.
  • A follow-up service call will be made in 7 days to inspect Deck and provide touch-up as needed.

Prior to our arrival for service, please make sure that we have water access, that you have removed all furniture and other objects from the Deck, and that no obstructions block access to your Deck. Bushes and trees should be trimmed back so that we may access all sides of the Deck for staining. We can included removal and restoration of heavy objects upon request.

Below is an example of a 2 color solid Deck stain application, using Olympic Maximum Outside White and Heritage Gray.


Before and after comparison.

New wood Decks should ALWAYS be cleaned prior to application of any stains in order to remove surface contaminates resulting from the wood treatment process.

If you repair a pressure treated wood Deck using new PT wood prior to staining, you must wait at least 30-60 days from completion of repairs to allow any new wood to dry thoroughly before staining.